Wake up America! Let us all save hundreds of millions being foolishly spent! Let us bring a constitutional hearing to the floor! Let us show the country and the world real leadership. There is a provision that allows a vote. If 30 of 50 states vote yes, we can do this!
YES to what you ask?
If we the people, join together we can! This is what we need to do. Let's start by amending the preamble to include this era of leadership. Let us state rightfully, respectfully and justifiably while undeniable rights that all of this country need and demand be justified by this addition to it's preamble. Let's state that each of the main civil right's causes today be brought to full completion. What do I mean?

If we do this, we must make it clear that equality means everyone. Today though government wants to spend thouands of hours and billions legislating for women, blacks, hispanics etc. Let us unite, and vote to add an equality statement to not change the preamble but to add to it to reflect all of the cultures, ideal, religions, faiths, and the principles of our great nation's friends of all the world and show the world why we are the greatest country in the World! We the people... we the people, are the people! We the people demand equality, let us join, stop the needless hours, amend this, and set our sights on the issues that face us today that need the attention!! In god we trust, trust god, trust our people to do this and unite together as one, left, right, center, progressive, liberal,conservative however indifferent and work on the dire other needs we hold so dear!
In god's name I pray for your help to get me there to start this for us, In god's name, I urge unity, in god's name I ask every politician, every citizen of every culture race religion and belief, to urge your politicians to do the same!
In God I Trust, In God We trust! AMEN!
Do I get an Amen back?

Doug Shreffler for President of the United States