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My Eagle Video and Photography exhibiting the Dungeness River in Olympia National Park Washington State
You will see salmon in the river, beautiful crystal shots of the ice, eagles eating in a tree, a pink salmon migration etc! ENJOY By the way, it is me playing the music too
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There are two primary ways to balance the budget. Taxes and expenditure reductions, which require both parties working together. Taxes, reductions and infrastructure re-logistics and re-deployment of these directives within the Federal Government, within each state Government and every major city is only the beginning, but one good start. Let Chicago be the shining example! They have earned it. If it works do it. The shoe fits let's wear it!

Casino's and state lotteries can and should be taxed more, rather than the already abused middle class. We can tax cigarettes 50 cents more per carton. I do not smoke, and believe no one should have to smell the stuff, now they have legalized dope in Washington. Let's hit that tax right away, immediately. 50 cents per.

Why not raise the per barrel tax on imported oil and gas, lets decrease tax on domestic production. There is an incentive for oil companies domestically. Create incentives to produce here. Open BLM oil land to oil companies. Let's get a Federal Government subsidy to individualize some of its own programs through Federal Government oil and gas production. This will raise a republican eyebrow.

Wherever they set my term's budget should I make it to be the parties nominee, I intend to cut one billion dollars each year I am in office. When they see the idea's on how to, both my left friends and right will cooperate!

Federal Government gas and oil production can subsidize say the entire DOD being on it's own subsidy through Federal business you are cutting 2 trillion/yr to create say a 20 trillion government subsidy through oil and gas on Federal BLM land. Let DOD run on it's interest from one 20 trillion act lowering the budget, deficit and similarly one area each year of similar expense. In this manner, one area at a time, can bring our biggest concerns to reality. Government subsidization is already a big controversy. But what if, what if I said, we can one area at a time, reduce dramatically the largest expenses of government.

What if, is the foundation of all answers to such huge problems, what if? What if the nation tried this and it worked. What if? It has already worked for companies, it has already worked for cities, lets make it work for State and Federal Government. The country will see immediate improvement, not just improvement but the goal will be met! I will do everything in the power of the office to achieve this. I am the man that will bring both together to unite our government, I am the man that can re focus to begin management within the government., not just the country's affairs.

Democrats and Republicans alike in both the House and Senate must and this is essential, work together and get back to cooperation for the common cause. Then, only then, will this start to turn around. In my vision, I state that I will unite the parties in the White House. It is clear that if we do not, we will destroy ourselves from within. This is most urgent, and even more urgent than jobs and economy is regaining cooperation from within. From day one, I will start earning respect and trust as I start earning your trust through this campaign process. In this manner, starting with giving something to get something, rather than holding ground, then only then and only mutual compromise can we achieve these tasks. This is the key to the future of the United States. I as your President will work hand in hand, without walking out on important issues, without closing the gate between the parties but holding my parties key interests while also negotiating to find these common grounds that we must urgently achieve. As far left and as far right as we have both party folks, government must MUST reach that common ground.

I will balance the deficit created by my term. Further, I will begin the balancing of my terms budget one year at a time. The first, year a quarter of it, same with second third and the fourth year.
By the end of my 4 year term, I will have the current deficit balanced and the previous incoming deficit balanced in the same fashion. My plans would quickly be seen and the light bulb of current offices would go on! As an unknown, I have advantages. I have the unique position of proving myself to you all!

As I have said in other areas, I will do this without Republican objection, and with approval of House, Senate and Congress! Advisors will see the uniqueness of my plans the first month there. I will earn your trust faith and VOTE in 2016!

Beyond balancing my term and the previous term, I Will start the Nation to a debt free government One area at a time, and will put in place, the ability for future Presidents to continue to do the same thing, America can and will be the shining example for the world, one year at a time this problem begins to heal itself and the results will also bring to life, surprisingly, yes, a flourishing economy, not just good, but as good as it gets.

There is one more area which is not yet spoken of here. That is Revenue! We are the largest, most successful monetary success story in the world. We, the people, can with all our technology, all our intelligence, all our strengths, all our soul and indeed all of us, together can one great idea at a time, put our UNITED STATES in the front and center of all important areas of the country. Economy, jobs, infra structure re logistics, overhauling education, strengthening ourselves by ourselves taking the cause to the entire country, one community, at a time. Can we the people achieve this? I SAY YES! I encourage my right friends to become part of the next success story! the United States of America "UNITED"! My hand is out!

These ideals are not just dreams, but ideas backed by creating the plans I have in mind for the people of the United States and the Country I was born in and the country I love with all my heart.

Service does not end in retirement. For me, it is just beginning, yes you heard this too in my vision. I believe in the USA with every breath of air. I have the ideas but more, these ideas are sound and proven plans. Help me to unite our White House!