I WELCOME YOUR VIEWS and more will be posted, keep checking back
The following links represent my views on major issues affecting the country. They are "my" views. I put that in quotes to show and make it clear to the people I hope to represent, that my personal views are only views, not steadfast White House focus. Meaning, that I am fully aware, I represent you, the people should I be lucky enough to become the party's nominee. My views will always be set aside to consider the needs of the people I hope to represent, you. I will do my best to support the bills in the democratic positions that you have brought to the floor. I will also do my extreme best to unite both House and Senate and Congress to bring the needs of the people's government to it's finest state of unity since the founding of our country. I will always remember that your views are the reason I would make it to the office, not mine. I would be honored and proud to be allowed by the people, to serve as your instrument of voice. Indeed honored.

Be it very clear, after someone on the right, recently apparently not really wanting to run but running because of friends pushing I WANT TO WIN! Not for power, not for my glorification, not for reputation and not for any political gain, I am already g4 Classified meaning that the President is g1 Classified. I run for those who lost their lives in service, I run for those who cannot otherwise get a voice, I run for those who are mowed over by the right's lack of insight for the need of the middle class, I run for everyone who cannot get heard. I run for you, the people of the United States and I start as a common man, not a billionaire business boy. It is my hope that the country can get behind a man who comes from where most do, one who understands and has been there. I run from being there.

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